A series of lessons to improve your skills

RECOMMENDED GETTING STARTED TUTORIALS: Intro to iPhone and iPad Programming Class

  • Verify Your Mac OS
    • This tutorial helps you to verify(and download if necessary) the operating system on your Mac. You will need to have Lion 10.7x.
  • Installing Xcode
    • This tutorial helps you to install Xcode, which you will need to have on your computer, prior to the first session. You will need Xcode version 4.2 (downloadable)
  • Building a Content Plan
    • This tutorial helps you pick a topic area, and start building a content plan prior to the first session.
  • Lesson 1 - Single View App
    • This tutorial helps to recap some of the first session.
  • Developer Registration (Optional)
    • COMING SOON! This tutorial helps you become an official Apple developer.


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